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Piling in the car and heading out for a road trip is the most classic of family vacations.   But, hang on. Why should mom and dad do all of the work? Last summer, we gave our teen and tween aged daughters the responsibility of back-end construction and execution of  the 2.5 week itinerary.  Suddenly, they weren’t tolerant back seat participants but pedal- to -the- metal drivers. The goal? An entertaining road trip that gives kids...

What was once  a Podunk cowboy town has morphed into a mountainside retreat so farm-to-table, so grittily groovy, so legitimately plaid and beard enamored that it almost makes Bushwick look almost  amateur. The elements- university town, burgeoning food scene, easy-to-access mountain adventures, proximity to a National Park-were always there. But, it took the development of an all inclusive boutique hotel to lasso the city’s artisan energy and stake Bozeman’s claim as an all American hot spot....

If you are looking for an adventure in 2016, here is your ultimate resource. Once a year, Travel + Leisure creates the Where to Go in 2016 Master list, a cheat sheet of hot spots around the globe that are capturing the attention of plugged-in writers and editors. Whether you want to trek in Tanzania or check out the made-in Montana charm of Bozeman (Yes, a plug for my piece, #41), bookmark this slideshow for...