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Nobody has time to get sick. After years of practice, I have tried and true methods to nip a potential cold in the bud.  The trick is to catch the illness before it blooms into a full fledged snot fest. The moment I feel the signs- body ache, sniffle, scratchy throat- I have a variety of potions that I start swigging, spraying and shooting up my nasal passages. 1. Barlean's Olive Leaf Complex Throat Spray Schpritz this broad spectrum...

Women fantasize about leaping back into their pre-pregnancy jeans right after giving birth. I mean, celebrities do it, so why cant the average woman? Seeing A-Listers supersonically whittle their waists puts enormous pressure on new moms. Truth:  stars have an army of help: nannies, personal trainers and chefs to help them get back into shape. For real women, dropping the weight take some time. As January is always about fresh starts, I penned a story...