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My children are upset. With a travel alert in effect and episode after episode of terrorist induced violence unfolding in Paris, they feel that my upcoming trip to France is reckless. I get it. I have taught them the motto “safety first”, invited police officers to our home to discuss how to safely navigate public transportation in Chicago. We have an alarm in the apartment to keep the bad guys out. So, why do I...

Then Recover with Delicious Tarts and Pommes Frites My story from It’s the thrill of the hunt. For decades, treasure seekers have scoured the allées of Paris’s famed flea market Marché aux Puces for vintage trinkets and eclectic furniture. To inveterate hunters and gatherers, the aha! moment of plucking bric-a-brac vintage serving pieces, an art deco sconce, textiles and quirky French hotel signage from the back of a dusty stall offers an incomparable high. But the Puces has gotten a bad...

My Story from I have schlepped my kids everywhere: Provence, London, Northern Italy, Southern Spain, Budapest, Iceland, and, most recently, Marrakech. Sure I love expanding their horizons. But, the pressure to accommodate their decidedly non pint-sized needs can become tiresome. I guiltily longed for the old days; specifically pre-parenting romps in Paris as an unencumbered culture vulture. Wait, why not dump the kids with the in-laws and jet off with my husband for 96 hours...