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This year, I had an affair. With Mexico. Chicago was freezing and I found the allure of the country’s aquamarine sea, juicy ceviche and rugged landscape tough to resist. In September, I hit Mexico City. I knew I would love the architecture. But it was the street food that blew me away: carnitas, tamales, fresh guacamole and exotic fruits and vegetables that I had never seen before. Tucked into buildings all over the city are upscale...

Some assignments are pure pleasure. Like, writing the data-driven World’s Best pieces for Travel + Leisure. This year we had some newcomers. But, one thing is clear: T+L readers love Hawaii. Florida, Mexico, Southern California and South Carolina, too. Toss in some classically glorious properties in Michigan, Rhode Island, Cape Cod, GA, mix with a Caribbean paradise and dreamy slice of Costa Rica and you’ve got our WB Family Beach list for 2016. Written by editors...

It was a slight bitch to get there, an early morning flight, connection, customs. But, when I arrived at the southernmost tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula,  84 degree temps and a welcome margarita put the kabosh on irritation. At first glance, I was in love. The property hugs the coastline of Cabo and has an open air format (no large buildings to enter or exit) that rewards guests with constant friction with sun, sea...