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Positano. Vail. St. Tropez. Yellowstone. There’s one big problem with these vacation hot spots. Everyone knows about them. So, don’t be shocked when you turn up at your hard-won summer holiday, sun-screened and ready to de-stress, only to be assaulted by fellow vacationers jostling for your place in the sun. Crowds kill my vacation mellow. I go to great lengths to preserve the fantasy that I’m less tourist than fly on the wall, a traveler...

Piling in the car and heading out for a road trip is the most classic of family vacations.   But, hang on. Why should mom and dad do all of the work? Last summer, we gave our teen and tween aged daughters the responsibility of back-end construction and execution of  the 2.5 week itinerary.  Suddenly, they weren’t tolerant back seat participants but pedal- to -the- metal drivers. The goal? An entertaining road trip that gives kids...

The San Juan Islands were not on my radar until last March. Not even a peripheral blip. But, an engaging call from a publicist piqued my interest and suddenly a family trip to the Pacific Northwest fell into place. The San Juans were a perfect stop between Vancouver and Seattle. We thought about visiting Orcas; everyone raves about this island. But, it was San Juan Island that I ultimately chose. First, because of Friday Harbor,...