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Positano. Vail. St. Tropez. Yellowstone. There’s one big problem with these vacation hot spots. Everyone knows about them. So, don’t be shocked when you turn up at your hard-won summer holiday, sun-screened and ready to de-stress, only to be assaulted by fellow vacationers jostling for your place in the sun. Crowds kill my vacation mellow. I go to great lengths to preserve the fantasy that I’m less tourist than fly on the wall, a traveler...

Every parent deserves to escape the grind of parenting. This assignment for Travel + Leisure was one of my favorite projects. Instead of my usual quest for compelling family getaways, I foraged for 20 perfect parent getaways to revive fatigued moms and dads. Sans offspring. My guidelines? Properties are luxurious, low key and, for the most part, intimate in scale. Rooms are spacious and airy; the ambiance is decidedly anti-millennial. No dark lobbies, bathrooms, or rooms,...