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By AMY TARA KOCH Whatever the mode of transport, traveling with children is often no picnic. The long-haul flight (five hours or more) offers up a special brand of hell, a smorgasbord of meltdowns, impromptu maladies and indiscriminate peevishness. I don’t blame the children. Being caged like the class gerbil for hours on end can be tedious. They can’t seem to help upchucking on you, often multiple times. Whining too. A carefully plotted parental playbook can...

It’s annoying enough to police your children’s digital excesses at home. But precious vacation time being wasted as they socialize virtually instead of engaging in the moment is the bane of 21st-century parenting. Heeding parents’ frustrations, hotels and resorts have responded with adolescent-savvy programming that encourages real-world interaction. After a day on the slopes, the BC<3t2 (Beaver Creek Loves Teens Too) program in Colorado kicks into gear (during the winter and spring seasons) with field trips...