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By AMY TARA KOCH Whatever the mode of transport, traveling with children is often no picnic. The long-haul flight (five hours or more) offers up a special brand of hell, a smorgasbord of meltdowns, impromptu maladies and indiscriminate peevishness. I don’t blame the children. Being caged like the class gerbil for hours on end can be tedious. They can’t seem to help upchucking on you, often multiple times. Whining too. A carefully plotted parental playbook can...

Back Pain. It’s my albatross. Every day, without fail, I start the day with ice, then move on to heat to reduce the annoying inflammation. My spine management doc has prescribed meds. But, there is always a trade off. I would rather deal with the pain that I know than walk around like a espresso singed zombie all day. Travel, of couse, exacerbates the pain. But, it is my lifeblood. So, after years of suffering,...

THE ISSUE So, your lower back is throbbing and a massage and/or chiropractor visit is not in the cards. How can you temporarily alleviate the pain? THE FIX ThermaCare Heat Wraps for Muscles and Joints $6.99 WHY This is my in-purse staple. When back pain calls, I respond by slapping this self-heating adhesive wrap to relax tight muscles. Cheap and effective, ThermaCare can be purchased up at any drugstore and lasts up to 8 hours....